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​​Furnace/AC Service Repair ~ $95 

Boiler Service Repair ~ $135​

This does not include price for parts needed

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Along with regular maintenance on your heating equipment, ECHOS Air recommends you have your air conditioning system cleaned and checked annually.

Some reasons to have your AC properly maintained are:

  • A dirty outdoor cooling coil can cause refrigerant pressure to run too high and start to burn
  • A plugged filter can cause the indoor cooling coil to freeze up
  • A bad contactor could draw more amperage and run up your electric cooling bill
  • Bad wire connections can break loose and cause a short and fry some expensive components
  • ​An unbalanced refrigerant charge can easily shorten the life of the compressor
  • Proper charging procedures will extend the life of your very important air conditioning
  • Fan speed on the indoor cooling unit can also offset the charging process

Call ECHOS Air to schedule your 20 point Precision Tune Up (PTU).


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