About Us

At ECHOS Air, Inc., our goal is to maintain our position as a leader in the HVAC industry by focusing on consistently exceeding the expectations of our customers and by providing them with the highest quality service and equipment at the most economical prices.

We provide the installation, service and maintenance of HVAC systems for new construction as well as for existing residential, commercial and insti​tutional project applications.

Heating, Cooling & Duct Services we provide in the Parma, OH & Cleveland, OH area


  • Heating System / Furnace Installation
  • Heating System / Furnace Cleaning
  • Heating System / Furnace Repair
  • Install, ​replace, set-up and program thermostats
  • No Heat Emergency service
  • Same Day Service


  • AC installation
  • AC Cleaning
  • AC Repair and replacement
  • Install, ​replace, set-up and program thermostats
  • Same Day Service


  • Installing, Cleaning, Repairing ducts & vents
  • Custom built 
  • AirFlow Guaranteed 
  • Design/Build 
  • Air Balancing 
  • Zoning and Damper Control 
  • Duct Sealer
  • Same Day Service


  • Boiler installation
  • Boiler maintenance
  • Boiler repair
  • Boiler replacement
  • Steam, Hot Water, Circulator Pumps, Zone Valves, Expansion Tanks, Automatic Fill, Low Water Cut-Offs
  • Same Day Service

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We sell and install HVAC equipment that ranges from the highest efficiencies and top-of-the-line brand to economical, standard efficiency styles.

Need a duct design/build?  No problem!  We'll determine how much heating and cooling you need for your home and design a duct system to evenly distribute the air.

Serving the Cleveland area since 1991, our reputation for quality, honesty and reliability has positioned us well for continued growth into the future.

We'll be happy to give you a FREE ESTIMATE on your new cooling & heating equipment.  Just give us a call!

+1 (216) 661-1117

Some of Our Commercial Projects