HVAC service plan for cooling and heating comfort in ​Parma, OH

We would like to suggest our Optimal Savings Plan (OSP) Membership.  This service plan includes cleaning and tuning your furnace in the fall and, if it applies, your AC system in the spring.  You also get 24-hour emergency service, 7 days a week as a priority customer, and a 10% discount on any parts you may need! Take advantage and let us take care of you!  

Some of the procedures we perform for a clean and tune include:

  • Cleaning the heat exchanger and inspecting for cracks and holes
  • Cleaning the flame sensor and checking wires
  • Cleaning and checking the spark ignition electrode
  • Checking the spark ignition control box and integrated circuit board
  • Checking the thermocouple for blistering
  • Checking for ground and wiring in general
  • Checking the glow bar OHMs reading
  • Checking the squirrel cage for cleanliness and rotation
  • Vacuuming all sections of the furnace and doing a total wipe down
  • Changing or washing the filter
  • Inspecting the thermostat with heat anticipator
  • Checking all motors
  • Checking the flue for drafting, and correct slope, etc.
  • Checking carbon monoxide readings at the flue, as well as in the air stream
  • Performing combustion analysis.